About Us

Vine & Branch Naturals is a skincare business born out of a commitment to create only the highest quality skincare and cosmetics. There are many dangerous  chemicals in our beauty industries products today so unless you have time to check the databases on the chemical content in a product, you will not know the dangerous ingredients that many beauty companies put in their products. For example, the word fragrance can mean any combination of synthetic ingredients  that can be toxic and non- hypo allergenic. You have no way of measuring really how many chemicals you may be exposing your skin to. We strive to give you up to date excellent products with the purest and highest quality ingredients that do not leave chemicals, residues or parabens that can clog, dry, desensitize, damage and dry out and speed the aging of the skin. Our products are not formulated with chemical or synthetic fragrances. Only the highest quality  organic compounds, essential oils, hydrosols and or botanicals go into creating our products. We use organic , clays, roots, natural colorants such as oxides, and absolutely no chemical dyes. Any preservatives used are 100 percent natural to extend shelf life such as the zinc oxide in our foundations.  
Have you ever purchased a “natural” product, only to read the ingredients on  the list and find only one or two natural ingredients? This is how propa- gander and advertising trick you into believing you have a natural product. Now  you can say goodbye to synthetic chemicals forever. We meticulously hand-make all of our products fresh and often with no preservatives at all. Our goal is to give your skin the most natural and healthy experience than you ever thought possible. Not only will your skin glow with youthful radiance, but it will be healthier from the surface down as a result of our natural vitamins and minerals. Say goodbye to “fancy” chemical-ridden concoctions that only mask the surface of your skin. Say hello to nutritious goodness and a  glowing, healthier you!
Thank you for considering our line of products
Theresa Methot and Elizabeth Palmer
Founders and Users  of Vine & Branch Natural Products