About Us

Vine & Branch skin and beauty products are a cut above the rest. Have you ever purchased a “natural” product, only to read the ingredients on the label and not be able to pronounce half of them? Now you can say goodbye to synthetic chemicals forever. We meticulously hand-make all of our products fresh and often with no preservatives at all. Our goal is to give your skin the most natural and healthy experience than you ever thought possible. Our products are derived from the most effective natural ingredients found in gardens all over the world. Not only will your skin glow with youthful radiance, but it will be healthier from the surface down as a result of our natural vitamins and minerals. Say goodbye to “fancy” chemical-ridden concoctions that only mask the surface of your skin. Say hello to nutritious goodness and a healthier you!
-Elizabeth Palmer
Founder and User of Vine & Branch Natural Products